The good folk are dear to my heart; something about their small size and bright colors make me smile pretty much everytime I see them. I've found them very helpful when I'm feeling less than okay! I also have such a soft spot for the paunches as rubbing their bellies distracts and eases tension just like a worry stone. I have a keychain paunch that I tote around with me everywhere I go and it often brings a smile to my face when I'm having a bad day. I'm so happy I stumbled upon the good folk that one day a few years ago, I've loved the whole gang ever since <3

- Micah K

The good folks and paunch have made me inspired to get back into making things with clay! I keep them sitting on my desk so they can always keep me company and make me feel happy when I am down in the dumps. Their little faces fill me with joy.

- Sam

I came across your work back in 2021 and was instantly so intrigued by the adorable paunch designs, the beautiful artwork, but especially by good folk characters. I loved collecting little pretend creatures ever since I was super little! When I looked into the story behind your work it really resonated with me since my mental health has been an awful roller coaster for years (but that's a very long story for a different day). As silly as it may sound but as I mentioned, from a young age I think I was so passionate about taking care of little pretend creatures because it made me feel less lonely. To put it bluntly, I haven't had a friend ever since I was a little kid, so for as long as I can remember I've been lowkey out casted with no socialization but hey at least I grew up to be super independent! Okay now onto the point, so far in my good folk collection I have Clem, Lem, Weep, Pinkie and Ghost and they provide me with so much company and comfort on a daily basis (like actually)! They take turns accompanying me on my adventures! Whether it would be traveling to school with me in my pencil case, going on vacations with me or just being by my side while I study. (Basically I always have one of them in my bag wherever I go). They have been through many adventures! Not to mention the fact how you inspired me to open my own small business and make my own little creature designs! It's so cool how something so small can give so much motivation and reassurance! At the end of the day, I just want to truly thank you for making my day to day life feel less lonely and a little more comfy. I can't wait to keep adding to my collection!!!

- Ginny Comfy Clay Studio

I bought my first stayokay fren back in 2020 (Clem pictured here <3) and instantly fell in love with them and what they stood for. Anna puts so much love and care into her creations and it’s been amazing to see them be changed and refined over the years! From the careful crafting to the custom packaging, messages, and lil gifts - Anna makes sure every detail is perfect! The frens are a centerpiece in my apartment and I smile every time I see them. You’re okay, stay okay! <3

- Hailie Baar

Where to begin! I have been following Stay Okay Studio and Anna for a few years now and have been collecting many good folk!
The hard work and love that is put into everything shows through the amazing craftsmanship and the creativity is insane.
These little dudes have brought me so much joy on some dark days, kept me de-stressed during exams, accompanied me to my first full-time job, and even live on my keys.
Anna is an amazing person and I will continue to support until I die. Always willing to go above and beyond for customers and truly puts her heart and soul into every aspect.

- Erin Hynes

I love StayOkayStudio! I'm obsessed with all my lil clay guys they're fun to collect and they look so cute to display.
You can tell Anna, the artist, puts in a lot of work making these lil fellas and makes them with love and care! Also, the prints are amazing and high quality!!!

- Zayn H

Stay Okay has been such a wonderful part of my life the last couple of years when I was having a really hard time. The good folk brought me so much happiness in a time where I was so sad. They're just little guys but they hold a big place in my heart. My life is moving in a very different direction but the good folk will always have a place wherever I go. xx

Thank you anna <3
- Whitney aka weenbeanxx

I found StayOk Studio on Etsy totally by chance on an afternoon when I was searching for something cute - and behold…. the Butterboy sticker entered my life. I instantly loved it so much I hunted up StayOk on Instagram and OH. MY. GOSH. The little buddies… the Good Folk, the Paunches…. EVERYTHING spoke directly to me with its charm and brightness, its simple, pure goodness. I immediately learned all I could, participating in now-old-school Etsy drops and scoring the Good Folk one (maybe 2) at a time for a couple years. My bestie even got into them too, sharing and spreading the joy even more. Now, more than 3 years in… StayOk Studio is one of my all-time favorite artists (Anna is amazingly kind!) and brands. I have the stickers on everything I own, I give them as gifts alongside Good Folk and more to people I love - to remind them they’re loved, they’re seen and they are OK. I’ve mailed Certificates of Existence to roughly 8 other states to uplift friends who could use a little something to tuck away in their wallet. There is so much goodness that StayOk has created in my world and allowed me to share with others, I am BEYOND delighted to support the evolution, kindness and love behind everything Anna makes for her amazing company - she is changing the world one tiny perfect mate at a time.

~Kerri Ivie, age 39.
Georgia, USA

I love my Paunch so much, I underestimated exactly how much joy it would bring me to take him everywhere with me at work. I work for a public library, and all of my coworkers love him- some even told me they wish they had one for themselves! (I told them exactly where they could get one) It dangles in exactly the right place on my lanyard for me to hold him and let my worries go (and to use my key fob he is holding onto), and the children love him too. I always introduce him as my Library Assistant and also Best Friend, Paunch. :D I've had it on me every day for months and he is still in perfect condition, very clean and beautiful. I was a little worried it would get dirty/damaged if I took it around with me, but it's sturdy and holds up super well!! Paunch is a friend for life, you will not regret getting one.

- Sarah K

In October of 2020 I came across Clem, he was a weird little guy and I said to myself, I must have him. For I knew there was something special about Clem and the shop. It's now 2024 and I have my original Clem, he's a bit different from his brothers, whom I've acquired over the years but I feel so privileged to see how the shop has grown, and in turn how Clem's family has grown! I love them, and am just as obsessed now as I was almost four years later!

- Cassandra B

Anna puts her heart and soul into her small business - her handmade creations bring nothing but joy and
are truly the cutest things to ever exist. My rainbow paunch has a place of honor on my desk; he is my favorite little guy. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HIM! I've never encountered a small business that so wonderfully combines two of my favorite things: a passion for mental health and a love of tiny silly adorable things. I am always happy to support Anna and Stay Okay Studio.

- Lara :)

My goodfolk make me feel super supported and comforted. Their little faces remind me of faces I used to sketch when I was younger so they kind of give me a sense of nostalgia. The same way toys from my childhood do. I will cherish my StayOkayStudio pieces for my whole entire life. <3

I also LOVE small things so I started staging my good folk and creating little scenes for them to exist in. It has brought me such joy and given me a reason to buy/craft more miniatures.

Anna is an incredibly talented artist and business owner so each item she creates is worth the price and more. I’ve bought so many items from the shop and the quality is amazing.

- Josie F

I discovered StayOkayStudio in the fall of 2020, shortly after the shop opened. I immediately fell in love with the Good Folk (I think there were 4 at the time) and the message. Originally, my favorite was the Ghost, and I would take him with me as moral support to lunches in my college cafeteria because I was working on recovering from anorexia. I’ve since acquired all the Good Folk (see the “shrine” here, which has since grown) and I can’t wait to see what Annabeth will make next! She is the kindest, most lovely person and her creations are so well-made and SO cute, bright, and encouraging! Paunch has gotten me through many anxious moments, and people love to see the good folk in my work office. I highly recommend StayOkayStudio and suggest you join her Patreon. 100 gold stars!

- Emily D

I got into collecting art toys and blind box figures during the pandemic because I've always had a love of little trinkets, but the fast-paced nature of art toy releases and the amount of waste all of this created got harder and harder for me to justify as I tried to become lower-waste and consume less plastic. Collecting lovely lil guys from Stay Okay Studio became the perfect replacement for this hobby because everything is made with love by a real artist and it goes at a much slower pace, which ultimately means that every creation is more meaningful. This has become my favorite way to treat myself and I've ultimately ended up spending wayyyyy less than if I'd continued with the art toys. Every character is special, the community is amazing, and I've been saving every little card and print so that I can make the most awesome Stay Okay Scrap Book someday.

Also, for people interested in storing their new friends, I'd highly recommend one of those shelves that's shaped like a dollhouse. I'm slowly furnishing a little mansion for my buddies.

- Dori V

My stay okay pals bring me so much joy! My little collection grows with every drop. Everything is packaged with such care and lots of little freebies and feel good reminders. All the good folk and friends are sturdy and have held up well, but if they don't you can get them repaired which is an amazing offer! I have a paunch that travels in my bag with me in case of emergency, they are the perfect fidget/companion. Cannot say enough good stuff about stay okay studio and all the wonderful little pals that I have from Anna! There is so much love and creativity put into everything!

- Devon B

I love stay okay studio so much!!! Every single thing I’ve gotten brings me so much joy and reminds me to stay okay every day :) I keep my little dudes on my desk, my bookshelf, really any random place in my apartment I can put them! Everything Anna makes is so well made and absolutely adorable. You can tell how much passion and care goes into making them, right down to the details in the packaging and the way that they’re shipped. Stay okay is 100% for you if you want something small to bring light to your life or if you just love cute knick knacks (I know I do!)

- Olivia F

Stay Okay Studio has been a beacon of light for me. I absolutely love all the little guys I've collected and will continue to collect. I struggle with depression myself and every piece I have gotten reminds me that I'm not alone in my fight. The paunches are especially helpful. I have excoriation disorder and often pick at my fingers. When I want to pick, I rub a paunch instead. I also rub a paunch when I'm anxious. The smooth belly really helps me relax. Every good folk, bub, paunch, and more that I've received are in great condition. They are well made, durable, and adorable. Their little faces make me smile every time. I'm a huge fan of all things Stay Okay Studio and Anna is such an inspiration. The love and message behind every work of art is so worth buying.

- Joyce Rojas

The day I had my first panic attack was last March and it was very scary. I found your studio and it made me feel so happy that someone is honest when life sucks. If it wasn’t for my mom, it would have been much harder dealing with my anxiety. Just today, I went to the Marine museum and having Porcelain paunch with me was very comforting. Your studio isn’t just cute, because it is, but I love that it is about mental health. I love your characters and you and I wish I could meet you so I could give you a hug! Thank you so much, you are so sweet and beautiful and thank you for sending me heart paunch and the amazing print!!!!!

Love, Willa Nicosia

I can't explain the utter enjoyment I get from these lil guys :’) I struggle with anxiety and depression and whenever I see one of my paunches or good folk I can't help but smile. My collection isn't huge but I do plan on trying to acquire at least one of each design one day <3 I have a couple duplicates, one for my desk and one to keep in my car, so I can bring a paunch with me everywhere and try to get goofy pictures. My boyfriend is supportive of my obsession with paunch. He tries to help me get the best pics when we are out and about <3 As someone who is also an artist and deals with the mental health struggle, I love seeing an artist do so incredibly well with their business as well as spreading such a good message with their art. I hope to one day get out of my funk and have my art loved by many others as much as everyone loves paunch and the good folk :’) I have attached a photo of my collection (dupes aren't pictured as I would forget to put them back and be devastated if I missed a good pic opportunity). Also some of my fave pics of paunch out and about <3

- Sierra Brown

My first little guy was a paunch back in 2021 on etsy. I have since gotten him so many friends and you've become one of my favorite artists! It's always so exciting to see what you make for us and what new friends you introduce. That first paunch helped me through my first day at my big girl work and will continue to help me through so much more!

My little sister is also a huge fan and every time I buy something for myself I always get her something. She also wanted to say some words: "They are really cute and whenever I see them they also put a smile on my face! They really comfort me and make sure I'm okay and stay okay :)"

- Bryanna and Jennifer Cruz

I am absolutely obsessed with all things Stay Okay Studio! I love a good trinket but these little guys have precious little back stories and personalities, making them better than any other trinket you can find. I absolutely love hearing about their little world. I first discovered Stay Okay Studios on Instagram and on the next product launch, I told my two best friends while we were hanging out that I’d have to pause our game so I could secure my favorite baby, Wink! After showing them the Instagram page, they quickly became obsessed too and were ready to secure a good folk buddy of their own too! Ever since, I joined the Patreon and get multiple little guys at every chance I can!

They all had a little spot on my desk but then one of the Patreon rewards was a couple photos and cut outs to make them a house. It was so cute seeing them in their little house so naturallyI took it a step farther and bought and built a little miniature room for them to live in. They’re starting to outgrow it so I’ll be making them a second room. I suspect that they may eventually have a bigger house than I do.

I absolutely love them and they make me so happy! In a world that makes it extremely difficult to find joy in anything, these little guys make it easy.

- Mandii Smith

Even as a kid before I knew what it was, I was anxious and nervous, especially around others and away from my house. I always brought along a small figure or toy that could fit in my hand or pocket. I think I forgot how much comfort that brought me, and Paunch has helped me bring that back into my life as an adult plus so much more. For once the algorithms favored me and showed me stayokaystudio where I was introduced to Paunch and friends. He is the perfect little guy and now goes with me everywhere, from my worktable, to the grocery store, to the donut place, to theme parks, to bed, always there to remind me it's okay. I'm okay. He's the perfect size, fitting comfortably in my hand and pocket. And let me tell you, the packaging he was shipped in is drool-worthy. You can tell that every single part of his creation and shipping was made with love, time, and effort. Well worth every penny. I'm grateful to own such wonderful works of art!

- k.e.

Stay Okay Studio has become my mouse to whom I fed a cookie. One good folk became two became three became more and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Paunch chills in my pocket while Baby Paunch hangs out with the crystals in my tote. Baby Frog spends his days outside his mushroom house. Slab and Golden Bub hang out in their living room overlooking my living room. La Baguette likes to enjoy the warm smell of espresso while chatting it up with Chip, my espresso mug. I have a vast Stay Okay Studios sticker and print collection that has slowly been integrating into my everyday life, and it brings me joy to be surrounded by so much cuteness all the time :’)) <3 I’m so grateful for Stay Okay Studios!!

- Amairani Llerena

stay okay studio has genuinely inspired me in so many ways. as a small artist myself, seeing anna’s incredible growth and newfound community has not only encouraged me to work towards building stronger relationships but also to remind myself of the small aspects of our lives that make us feel “okay”. the amount of effort and love that anna puts into these little guys is incredible, and being a part of that community and witnessing stay okay studio in real time is honestly a blessing. i’m so excited to see what she does next and find ways to support her in the meantime. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON ANNA!

- Maeve Pinheiro

I adore my good folk and paunch. I love collecting these little dudes. They’re always guaranteed to make me smile when I’m having a difficult time. Paunch’s belly is so smooth and is the perfect texture, size, and shape for me to rub as a fidget. My day instantly improves when a stay okay studios package arrives! My little collection of good folk makes me feel less alone in the world and reminds me that I’ll be okay even when things are hard.

- Ruth Sussman

I love my paunches! I find being totally still impossible and paunches are the perfect non-disruptive fidget. They've accompanied me to keep me calm at work, theatres, cinemas, appointments and parties and are such a great tool for self soothing. I'm really enjoying collecting all the fun new designs so that I can have paunches in all different bags and pockets so I'm never without one!

- Fifi B

These are my children. Look at them. They are little. I love them so much. I love sitting at my desk and looking at them. Mah beybehz <333333

- Shannon C

Every time I get a package from Stay Okay Studio I get a smile on my face!! I got my friends and I matching bubs because I wasn't going to be with them for a while so whenever they wanted to, they could hold on to them and they were so excited!!! One of my favorite things is the Little Reminders and a sticker I have that says "not dumb or useless". It makes me cry when I look at it because it's something that I need to get into my head <3<3<3

- Abbie S

I first received a paunch as a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law many years ago now and I've been obsessed with them ever since. While my collection of little guys has grown significantly, I'll always have a soft spot for the paunches. Not only are they super cute, but their unique shape makes them an excellent pocket fidget for when you're feeling overwhelmed, or if you just need a little buddy to bring you joy. I currently keep my collection of Good Folk on the windowsill by my computer as they bring me so much joy throughout the work day, but Sun Paunch remains my ride-or-die traveling companion. Stay Okay has helped so many people--including myself--stay ok when times are tough, and you can tell how much love and care goes into each piece of art Anna creates. I cannot recommend Stay Okay enough!

All The Best,
Homie Vanessa Hinson

Ever since I was a little kid, I've found a lot of comfort in tiny things that I can put on shelves and sit on my windowsill. I discovered the good folk about a year ago. It all started with a tiny baguette that appeared on my feed. It sat in my window and started to look lonely. Then I kept adding to my little collection. They bring me a lot of joy to see them sitting there simply with their plain little faces, not a care in the world. The prints and stickers and stories told with each print or Patreon odds and ends order I get adds even more depth to their simple little stories and remind me that things will be ok in the end.

- Jess Aronis

I love my little motley crew of stay ok friends! flower paunch comes with me on long walks. bramble stays on my desk and keeps me company while I'm working. porcelain paunch had a little mishap but I sent him to the stay ok spa and now he's as good as new! and valentine paunch came along to help distract me while I was getting my tattoo. they are such wonderful little friends to me :)

- Denise S

Last year was a tough one for my daughter and me, but in the middle of it, we found Stay Okay Studio. The good folk were such a bright spot on Instagram, and a positive way for us to connect to each other through the delightful characters and positive messages. When we received our own Frog, he came with the best encouragements and reminders of ways to stay ok every day. Paunch is my daughter’s favorite pocket pal at school too. The good folk are cute, but they are also so much more, and we are looking forward to adding to our collection.

- Christy and Annika

I have long admired porcelain paunch from afar, but now I finally have one of my own and honestly I like her even more than I thought I would! She's pretty but also so so cute. I'm obsessed with her aesthetic, and I've started bringing her around with me just because she makes me smile when I remember she's there. I tend to pick at my skin when I'm anxious, and I was skeptical that rubbing my new paunch buddy would work for me. BUT IT DOES! She is so weirdly satisfying to rub, and it helps me redirect some of those more harmful behaviors that I'm prone to. And just looking at her makes me smile while I'm doing it. So all in all a very net positive impact on my life! And my friends are jealous! I'm going to have to get some as gifts (once I figure out which is the perfect paunch for them). Thank you so much Anna for sharing this joy with the world!! Everyone should have a lovely paunch buddy to help them through the more difficult periods of this life thing. :)

- Emily R

I found Anna's art shortly after moving to a new state, when I was going through a rough time mental-health wise. Seeing the Good Folk just made me happy and I was so excited to get my first order, Wink and Bee! And as soon as Paunch came out I added them to my collection too. I've brought my Paunch on trips and it's always close by when I have a meeting or interview or anything else that makes me nervous. Having something small to hold that's made with so much love always makes me feel better! Since that first order a couple of years ago I've added many Good Folk and Paunch to my collection, and I've loved seeing all of Anna's new creations over the years. Thank you Anna for sharing your art and your reminders to stay okay!

- Heather Maxey

I ordered many paunches since I found you, and your wholesome af creations. Since I first ordered some, I have ordered some for several of my friends so hope it's okay to include them as screenshots here as well :D
I sent a couple of them all the way to Singapore :’) for some of my Shopify coworkers, hence, the one Slack screenshot where he sent me a photo of the paunch arriving after a looooong journey overseas!
I absolutely love having a glow in the dark paunch for my keys personally because I always used to struggle with getting my keys easily out of my purse/enormous jacket pockets, but with a lil guy now guarding my keys, it's much easier to locate them. PLUS, the glowing really warms my heart <3
Stay awesome, Anna!!!

- Claudia Kwok

Everything that I've bought from Stayokay Studio has been a fantastic experience! From the cute designs to the greatest care inside of each package that arrives! Personally the paunches have been a life saver for not only me, but for my sister as well. They ease our stress and remind us that a friend is always a pocket away to help us out. StayOkay Studio will always have a place in our hearts! <3

- Anna Claerbaut

Started my collection a little bit ago and these little nuggets make me so happy! Finding new places for them around the house always brings enjoyment when a new friend arrives.

- Loren Nuñez

I now have a small army in my home of creatures made by Anna and I will NOT be stopped until every surface of my house is covered and we are ready to fight off aliens. Aside from that, these lil dudes are so well made and they make me feel so much joy. Every time I see a new design Anna has come up with I just squeal into the void with excitement. I can’t wait for more!

- Zoe Emily

Stay Okay Studio has brought so much happiness into my life since I discovered them several years ago. You can tell that so much love goes into each and every one of Anna's creations. I've bought good folk and friends, prints, and stickers and everything I've purchased has been so amazing! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to treat themselves to some cuteness, joy, and a wonderful reminder to stay okay. :)

- Kathleen M