Frequently A'd Qs


When will my order ship?

Regular in stock orders ship within 3-5 business days, pre-orders ship anywhere between 5-7 weeks depending on the volume of orders received. :) i make pretty regular updates on instagram so if you snagged something from a preorder ill post about works in progress, etc :)

When will I get my order?

Once shipped, you will receive your order within 2-5 business days if you are located in the United States. International orders can unfortunately take anywhere between 1-5+ weeks. :( If it's a package you'll be sent a tracking number, and if its just through letter mail we just have to trust the postal service that it'll arrive within a week :) WOO!

Do you ship internationally?

You bet I do!!!

Can I pick up from you in person?

Of course you can! If you live in El Paso just let me know and we can sort things out and get you what you ordered! ;-) I also sell stuff at my family's bookstore Brave Books located on Arizona St if you wanna check out the items I have in stock there :)

Can I change my order after it's been placed?

Definitely! If you need to update your address or take an item off of your order, just email so we can get you set up with the correct information :D

My contact/shipping information is wrong, what do I do?

Just contact me through and let me know so I can fix dat for ya! ;) i am ur servant


Will you help me if my item arrives damaged, incorrect, or incomplete?

ABSOLUTELY! If your item comes in damaged, incorrect, or incomplete, just hit me up at and I’ll fix the situation in whatever means possible!!! the most important thing to me is making you happy and getting you what you need/ordered. :) WOO! i make mistakes not often but often enough to be like OOF. so pls reach out :)

Can I return or exchange my order?

Of course! Just let me know within 30 days of receiving your order what you’d like to do and we’ll work together to make things right!!!

When will I receive my refund?

any refunds should be deposited back into your original payment method 3-5 business after we agree on the refund! :D


How often are restocks?

It truly just depends! I do a restock/pre-order about once a month or every other month. I try to keep it consistent and I wish I could do them more often, but there’s only so many orders I can personally handle every month :) Hit up my patreon and the pre-orders are even more frequent!

What if I miss out on the item I want?

No reason to worry or be sad about missing out on an item during a drop! Sometimes items in the drops can go quick, but there will ALWAYS be more opportunities to acquire the good folk or lil guy you want :) if you feel particularly sad about missing out, just shoot me an email at and I’ll see what I can do! <3 i will never deny anyone an opportunity to adopt something of mine if they reach out to me!!!!

Does every restock feature the same items?

It varies from restock to restock and preorder to preorder! Any updates I have regarding what will be included in the upcoming restock/preorder will be posted on my instagram page @stayokaystudio :)

General Info

What is the sales tax on my order?

sales tax is determined by your shipping location! you’ll see the exact amount added to your total when you enter your address at checkout :)

I have a question about an order, how can I contact you?

here or send an email at :D LOVE U

How big is my item?

everything i make is just so small and precious. basically like less that two inches. some are 2 cm. everything is small here. They need to be small enough to fit in a pocket. or behind your ear. maybe tucked in your sock.


When will my item arrive?

preorders typically ship within a month, depending on the volume of orders. (sometimes 10 weeks :|) once shipped you’ll likely get your order in 3-5 days if you’re in the states, otherwise it’ll take anywhere from 1-5 weeks, depending on where in the world you are :)

When will I be charged?

preorders are processed the same way regular restocks are! in other words, you will be charged at checkout for a preorder item :)

Working with Stay Okay Studio

Can I use the Good Folk or other Stay Okay Studio properties in something I'm working on?

i honestly love to see people make their own little tributes to the good folk or drawings of them!!!! :D it makes me really happy to know that others like my stuff so much they want to dedicate their time to creating something inspired by my lil guys! The good folk are for all and will always be for all. so if u do draw them or make one or sew one or crochet one PLEASE SHOW ME I WANNA SEE!! :D <3

however what is NOT cool is recreating them with intentions of selling them. That directly hurts me! lol, haven’t had that happen yet but I know of lots of artists that have had to deal with that and it’s honestly really upsetting!

please don’t take advantage of other artists. credit properly, ask artists directly if you’re thinking about trying your hand at their work.

I do feel like there is a fine line between being inspired by another artist and copying exactly what they’re doing. I trust intent and also just love to see other people being inspired by my own art, that is so special to me :)

if it weren’t for adventure time, ugly dolls, kid robot, giant robot, tokidoki — my art wouldn’t be the same! We all have our own influences that we have been shaped by, and if i could possible be that influence to someone else like holy shit i am there for it <3

I would like to partner/collaborate with you!

Definitely shoot me an email at so we can talk about it! Generally I am stupid busy but I’m always open to new ideas :)

I want a Stay Okay Studio tattoo!

oh my god DO IT! i dare u…. but also show me pics of it. :D I have an option in the prints n’ shit section to buy a tattoo ticket which is basically my absolute permission to get some of my art tattooed. :) you get an actual ticket mailed to you, too!!!

please help :|

if you didn't find an answer up there shoot me an email!