Established in June 2020, Stay Okay Studio makes accessible and affordable art that is super easy to love!!! and that reminds us that we aren’t alone!!!! even when life is so shitty!!!!

stay okay studio is alllll abouuuut staying okay. (obvi). with the ups and downs of life and mental health, where is the middle ground?? where’s just the ~okay~ part of life?? isn’t there something in between the toxic positivity and the relentless negativity thats constantly shoved in our faces these days?? what the fuck does live laugh love even MEAN?? Stay Okay Studio exists to offer you the feeling of contentment that you deserve. that everyone deserves. and idk about u, but it helps me so much to have a cute little being to exist with when im mad anxious or lonely. life can be so stupid. and the good folk are just here to remind you that you exist and they exist and things are real and everything is ok.

hi. its so weird writing about myself. like who tf am i??? i honestly don’t know lol.

but i DO know that i’m pretty good at making lil soothing beings out of clay. and i DO know that I really just want to help out other people who have had rough bouts of mental health or anxiety n’ sadness just like me.

i guess other than that, i’m mexican, queer, went to school for a bit (didn’t finish HA sigh), and now i just exist and read and sleep and play video games and chill out in my hometown of el paso, texas.


i got interviewed :0