Paunch MADE TO ORDER!!!! :D


paunch the worry stone is now made to order!!! made within about three to four weeks give or take a couple days! :D keep him in your pocket!! or on your backpack!!! paunch is here to comfort!!!! 

he is about 1.5 inches tall, every paunch comes in a cute lil box with a little drawing of a bed. lol

the three-four week time frame is because i work on these paunches inbetween other massive orders so it takes me a while to organize myself and multitask :)

you can now also add on a fancy vinyl sticker portrait of your paunchy!!! i like to put them on my fridge or where i can see them everyday <3 its a waterproof/weatherproof vinyl sticker measuring 2.25x2.5 inches :D

i havent posted about this or anything so i can see if i can even handle just the regular peeps (you) who check out my web shop every now and then :)

PSA glow in the dark paunch is a kinda off white yellow-y color when he is not in the dark lol, i tried to capture his likeness in his portrait and also photoshopped another pic of him glowing behind him. im confusing myself as i write this. he kinda looks similar to vanilla paunch just not as creamy lookin